Cheap wood picnic tables. Entryway tables and consoles.

Cheap Wood Picnic Tables

cheap wood picnic tables

    picnic tables
  • A picnic table (or sometimes a picnic bench) is a modified table with attached benches, designed for eating a meal outdoors (picnicking).

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Pencils.com purchases

Pencils.com purchases

Review Palomino Blackwing 602
Review Whitelines Perfect Bound Black Pocket Lined Notebook
Review California Republic Palomino Stationers KUM Long Point Automatic Sharpener
Review Cheap Pencil Topper Erasers

A few thoughts about a recent order I received from Pencils.com on a rainy Minnesota day:

For someone like me who is more of a writer than a visual artist, California Republic’s newest offering, the Palomino Blackwing 602 (the “PBW 602”), is a marked improvement over their first homage to the cultish Eberhard Faber Blackwing (the “EFBW”). The reason that the PBW 602 is such an improvement has nothing to do with its dazzling paint job; a sort of semi-metallic grayish blue lacquer with a deep luster that is said to be a dead wringer for the last iteration of the EFBW; or the old-timey slogan, HALF THE PRESSURE, TWICE THE SPEED, stamped onto one of the pencil’s hexagonal edges in gold foil lettering; and the black eraser, which looks nice, but is unfaithful to the original EFBW makes little difference to me. No, what makes the PBW 602 so much better than the first PBW is the harder lead that holds a point for more than two lines of text. The PBW 602 still lays down a smooth dark line, but does so without mandating a re-sharpening every two minutes to keep the ideas flowing.
I’ve been using this pencil at work for the last week or so and have found it a nice little touch of luxury for my very unluxurious office job. In the long and proud tradition of pointless wood case pencil reviews I’ve sharpened up one of California Republic’s original PBW’s and a Faber Castell 9000 5B that I found in my pencil bag. For each pencil I wrote the good old standby typewriter test “The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy sleeping dog.” Next, I shaded a squarish block for each pencil, starting with a fair amount of pressure to produce as dark of a mark as possible and easing off to a faint trace of pencil led. These samples can be seen in the scans of the handwritten draft of this review in my photostream.
After conducting my writing tests, I was struck by what a great smooth writer the original PBW was. I’d forgotten how incredibly smooth that first Palomino Blackwing was. If I did more drawing I’m sure that I’d find a good use for those inky black graphite lines. Even the Eberhard Faber 5B doesn’t match the PBW when it comes to the feel of the PBW’s point sliding across a sheet of cheap paper. But as I mentioned earlier, the point retention of the PBW 602 wins the game for writing prose. If I could have the smoothness of the PBW and the wear time of the PBW602 that would be ideal, but everything is a compromise. Gain a little wear time, lose a little smoothness, it’s a reasonable trade-off.
Along with the PBW 602 California Republic released interchangeable erasers for separate purchase. The idea is that even though the PBW 602 came fitted with that black eraser, one can purchase pink or white erasers for a few extra bucks to ‘hack’ their Blackwings. Since I’m a sucker for all things stationery related I purchased a set of pink erasers to get that authentic vintage Blackwing look, thus maintaining my street cred’ with all of the pencil hipsters out there (as if such a thing actually exists). From a purely aesthetic point of view, the black eraser and white eraser look much better to me than the retro pink eraser. I tested out all of the erasers I had sitting around by shading a big square onto my notebook and running each eraser across the swatch exactly one time. It was a highly scientific process and provided irrefutable evidence of eraser performance.
The California Republic erasers, including the black, white, and pink versions all performed about the same, erasing some of the pencil marks but leaving plenty for additional eraser scrubbing.
The schoolhouse classic, the Papermate Pink Pearl, did about the same amount of erasing as the California Republic pencil top erasers, but since I’m fond of it for nostalgic reasons I’ll just go ahead and proclaim that it blew the PBW erasers out of the water. No competition.
The no-name pointy pencil top eraser compares favorably with the California Republic erasers and is handy because it can be added to pencils that were foolishly manufactured without erasers, such as the Faber Castel 9000’s and most other art-supply pencils. To be honest, I actually prefer pencils without an eraser since my eraser of choice is the Pentel Clic-type affair. Given the choice, I usually purchase the eraser-less version of pencils.
Based on my tests, clearly the Pentel Clic Eraser is the winner when it comes to taking care of mistakes. I’m not sure if this is because the actual eraser is that much better or if it’s just a hair wider and easier to put a bit more pressure on it. Possibly, I’m just exceptionally skilled at wielding a Clic Eraser compared to the other entrants.
After writing out this much of my review long-hand I’ve had a chance to sharpen a few pencils, and

Sunset over Bolinas, Steep Ravine

Sunset over Bolinas, Steep Ravine

Aug 20 - 22, 2010

Located in Mount Tamalpais State Park
801 Panoramic Hwy.
Mill Valley, CA 94941

Helpful hints for travelers:
This is a gorgeous area that offers cabin style camping along with traditional tent camping grounds. Booking a cabin must be done well in advance sometimes up to 6 months but the location is quite worth it. I've stayed at many state parks and camp grounds all up and down the west coast and this ranks up near the top.

The cabin I stayed in was Cabin #8, the San Andreas which in my opinion had the best view. Looking out of the main window you had a clear shot of Stinson Beach and the bay. After you've navigated your way through the main gate and down to the main parking area with your gear, look for the blue wheelbarrows alongside the for-sale wood bin. The wheelbarrows will help you cart your gear down to your cabin site. The wood piles are $5 each and works via the honor system.

Each cabin comes equipped with sleeping platforms to accommodate 4 adults (2 single platforms, 1 double) and 2 children (bunked beds). You'll also find a wood burning stove, which you can cook on top of if you have the patience, a free standing movable bench, trash cans, trash bags, and built-in picnic table. Outside you'll find a small bench near each cabin, and a small grill located in the most wind-friendly spot alongside or behind the cabin.

Helpful items to bring include the following:
Cheap sarongs or fabric to be used as window coverings for privacy. We used 5 to cover all the windows except the window in the main living area that had the view. Along with your sleeping bags, bring bright lanterns, candles, flashlights to find your way back up the steps to the bathrooms after dark (and for use in the bathrooms after dark as there is no electricity.) Matches or other fire starters are helpful if you want to grill and to light fires in your stove. We also brought a small camping stove and 2 small cooking pans.

You are out in nature so don't forget to pack up your food at night. The same handy hooks in the cabin you can use to hang the lanterns can be used to hook food bags or buckets in the evenings. While we didn't hear or see any mice, we found their droppings one morning near the door and saw a few other bugs in the food area. Nothing ever came close to the elevated sleeping areas though.

If you're there in the summer months, bring swimming gear and towels as there's a small beach just 2 minutes down the cliff-side.

cheap wood picnic tables

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