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Cheap Round Kitchen Tables

cheap round kitchen tables

  • The Custard Factory is an arts and media production centre in Birmingham, England .

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ghosts of Alcatraz

ghosts of Alcatraz

Part II

Saturday morning we rolled into San Francisco, crossing the Bay Bridge much to my delight, as it's on a commemorative half dollar and I'd always wanted to see it in person. (Call me a dork, it's okay.) San Francisco was freezing, overcast, windy, and on the verge of drizzle and would stay that way all day. Despite my fear of heights, widths, bridges, spans of any sort, water, and drowning, Patrick managed to convince me to walk across the Golden Gate Bridge. That's four miles round trip, with nothing between you and death but a railing that is entirely too short for my tastes. I was sticking to the inside, practically touching the cars whipping by the cable barriers, when I had the unpleasant realization there were holes occasionally, small intentional drainage holes I imagine, maybe 2" in diameter, and those holes? I could see the water down below. It was not a fun four miles for me, I didn't really look at anything beyond my own nose. I needed blinders, frankly. But I did it, against every ounce of my sanity, I walked across the damned bridge. Twice. And we have photos of me out on the bridge to prove it to my doubting friends and family.

After the Bridge, a quick visit to that gigantic dome that Patrick (or someone) will have to tell me the name of for the hundreth time, because I just can't fucking remember it. I enjoyed being voyeuristic and watching two very, very different wedding parties participate in two very, very different bridal portrait sessions. We froze our asses off a bit more, before heading a few miles away, to the best Chinese food on the West coast, no arguments. U Lee's, it's on Hyde Street. It's been there about 60 years, under the current ownership for at least 20 years. Maybe five employees in the place, clearly related and of different generations, our waiter had been there for 20 years and his last name was Lee, a family business. It's a hole in the wall for certain, seats maybe 16 people, paper menus faded and taped to the walls, a proudly framed award announcing San Francisco's "Best Potstickers!" in the back. The kitchen is maybe 10x10, and completely visible from any seat in the joint, to use the bathroom you must walk through the kitchen. My kind of place from the get-go. We ordered the potstickers, a bowl of wonton, a plate of beef stew on rice, and I asked for an order of pork lo mein. To which the waiter asked if I were from the east coast. I asked how he knew, he explained on the east coast it's called lo mein, on the west coast it's chow mein. And that if I went to China and ordered lo mein, I'd get noodles in a gravy. Good to know. The bowl of wonton could have fed six. The indescribably fresh wontons swam in a tasty broth, with large bbq pork medallions and fresh scallions. I could have wept. Then the potstickers arrived, six of them, each the size of a mango, on a plate, sizzling. As we dug in the waiter, who I was totally enjoying, recommended we pour vinegar on the potstickers. Duly noted, and obeyed, and enjoyed. We each ate nearly two of the poststickers, and it took a monumental effort. The plate of perfectly sticky, tender rice came out, smothered in Chinese beef stew, amazing brown gravy, big pieces of tender beef (not lean, in fact, large ribbons of fat backed each piece), green vegetables cooked tender crisp, all glistening and steaming; I should have taken a photo, it was that perfect looking. The beef flaked into bits with the touch of a fork, the gravy was sublime. The lo/chow mein makes me drool even now thinking back to it. A brief trot down Lombard street, a wander through the Musee Mechanique, and exhausted and full we made our way to San Jose.

Saturday night found us at a much nicer, but equally dirt cheap Motel 6 in San Jose, just a few miles from our Sunday AM destination. Relieved to be in a comfy hotel, a bag of fresh fruit from a stand in hand, I threw myself on the bed, remembered my fear of hotel bed spreads, and pulled off the comforter. Where I found hair. Lots and lots of hair. Long black hairs. All over the sheets. All over the pillows. We spent a great deal of time de-hairing the bedding, and couldn't stop gagging/laughing as we turned out the lights that night in the hairtel, as we spotted another hair hanging from the lampshade. Saturday night also found us at the worst Denny's in America, and that is one hell of a distinction, is it not? I did have a surprisingly good salad of all random things to get at Denny's, but our poor waitress. She spilled half a glass of milk. She dropped a plate under our table. She forgot, repeatedly, two of our items. She also, I could hear, was forgetting things at other tables, including coffee. Christ, couldn't even bring out the coffee. I chalked it up to a bad night, until a guy wandered in, pissed off about a to-go order she'd bagged for him the night before, left half his shit out of, and then didn't cap the salad dressing correctly and he got home to find a ranchy me

"Always vote for principle, though you may vote alone, and you may cherish the sweetest reflection that your vote is never lost." 344/365

"Always vote for principle, though you may vote alone, and you may cherish the sweetest reflection that your vote is never lost." 344/365

I am really trying to last until the end of my 365. I'm so close!

Did everyone vote today? My Mom has given me such grief about my vote, but I didn't do what she thinks I did. But I'm not telling her. I'm not giving her the satisfaction. I believe so passionately that everyone should vote. I think people who stay at home as a protest vote are morons who should be slapped. I think people who spoil their ballot papers too are idiots too. & people who say they shouldn't vote because no parties tell the truth - that's because they're unpopular when they vote. Utter morons. & yet I didn't officially vote today. I would have voted Conservative, but one thing stopped me. The Conservatives want to hold a vote on the hunting ban, & if fox hunting becomes legal again I would have felt so guilty (even though in this area my vote doesn't count). I don't know how urban people feel about the fox hunting ban, but in rural areas it's an issue. I don't want it brought back. So instead I wrote my reasons on the ballot paper & then scribbled on it. I don't quite feel comfortable with doing that, but in this election the only party I could vote for is Conservative, & due to the animal rights issues I couldn't vote for any. Sad. But I had to do it. I really believe everyone should vote though, & reasons like "they're all as bad as each other" & "I'm staying home to show that I'm annoyed at all of them" are stupid excuses not to vote. I hope we don't have a hung parliament. That'd be so moronic. But whatever your political views, I hope you went out & voted. Even if it's for the BNP.


I was late to work today, but I slipped in & hope nobody really noticed. it was quite quiet this morning anyway. Greek Alex was in (there are like 3 different people called Alex at work now) & Nat (though it took me til lunchtime when I was able to check the rota to remember her name). The mother of a childhood friend was in & she said hey. Hilary still talks to my Mom, I think. It got kinda busy but everyone was nice so that was fine. Oh wait - I had one woman fussing about the amount of butter & fat in the lemon torte - we buy it in. I have no idea. Neither does Kate. Another woman didn't want tomatoes in the vegetable soup - well deal with it. Another woman sent me to find balsamic vinegar EVEN THOUGH WE DON'T DO BALSAMIC. When I said we could do white wine vinegar she said she'd have ordinary vinegar after all then. Oh & she sent me to find olive oil, which we use in cooking but not up front in the restaurant. & she didn't want the mayonnaise if it had milk in - who does that? So I went to check & Kate said no but maybe this woman had a gluten allergy so I had to go & list all our gluten-free products. & then she said no she just thought we might have watered down the mayonnaise with milk. Basically she was applying we were cheap. & no, we don't do that. So yeah. Irritatingly fussy. But my teacher, Mrs Woolam, from when I was 8 years old came in for lunch & actually recognised me. We had a bit of a chat. & at the same time a couple who used to work at the school, Shelia & Terry, came in too. They didn't recognise me, even though they worked there for 4 years ago. After I'd taken their order they stopped me as I walked past them to ask if I was Catherine, & then said how much I'd changed. & we had a quick chat before I had to get back to work.

It was quiet enough for me to take a break at 1.30pm, so Kate made me a cheese toastie & I chatted for a few minutes before going to sit in her office. She called me through to the kitchen a bit later because the geese were assembling outside with their little babies! She went out to feed them, & then the ducks waddled up with their babies!! It was so cute. I went back to the office & saw the rota pinned up on the wall. Frick - she had me down for tomorrow too. I can't do tomorrow. I hate having to tell people bad news.

I went back to work & waited for Kate to come back in from feeding the birds. I was dreading telling her. Nat said she was working her other job so couldn't cover for me. Grrreat. So I told Kate. She didn't look pleased & told me it meant she wouldn't have a day off all week. I don't mean to be harsh, but that's not exactly my fault. Charles was ill today so she had to cover for him, & I did say that I couldn't work this week. So yeah.

It got quite quiet then, & I started wrapping cutlery, Nat cleaned everything within sight, & Alex went to tidy up in the kitchen (which is probably a good thing because I spent most of the day bickering with him). & then a man came in & asked if I could cope with 20 or 30 for tea. At first I thought he was asking me to break a ?20, & I thought that was weird because of course we could. & then I realised. I waited for Nat's okay before I said we

cheap round kitchen tables

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